About Town Schools

TSEI - Town Schools Education Initiatives

TSEI, Town Schools Education Initiatives is engaged in school services and vocational and skills training connecting people with livelihood while linking school Education with Employment and / or Higher Education. TSEI is registered and authorized by the Director General Employment & Training as a vocational training provider for the state of Uttar Pradesh and is now being authorized to impart training in the state of Uttrakhand also. TSEI has also been invited by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to take the challenge for setting up close to 480 technical institutions, that include 8 Engineering Colleges, and 472 Polytechnics and ITI. TSEI has been envisioned & promoted by Mr. Om Pathak, a former civil servant, who has over the past 28 years set up several not-for-profit educational institutions and Mr. Anshul Pathak, a former Citibank treasurer, who brings a wealth of international experience of banking, including micro-finance.

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