Buddy Program

TSEI with its mission to contribute to the required skilled work force in the society has introduced a BUDDY PROGRAM.

The program is formulated to motivate the people belonging to the marginalized & rural sector of our society who believe that the only way to earn livelihood is the profession/work which they inherit from their families.

We, at TSEI want to show them the changing face of livelihood and that every human being has the right and potential to grow in their life socially and economically.

To show this, we have our beneficiaries/candidates, who are our live examples, whose life has taken a new path with skill development in livelihood with TSEI, to be our motivators and collaborators for the people belonging to the same community and age group as theirs to come and take advantage of the Skill Development program at TSEI and show them the new and ever rising path of livelihood.

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