Our Vision:

Inspiring people to discover their potential, enabling their transformation into valuable human capital, impacting and touching their lives permanently.

Our Mission:

Create human capital that is skilled, self reliant to create livelihoods, is progressive and growth oriented, is a good human being and can impact other people to usher in the same change for them.

Core Values:

Create: Commitment to creating an organization that has the power to impact lives.
Quality: To create and deliver cutting edge empowerment technologies.
Integrity: Our values dictate that our principal commitment is creating value for our learner.
Ethics: Conduct our work in the most sacrosanct manner.
Honesty: To keep our every action accountable, in the interest of our learner, whose interest supersedes all.
Loyalty: Towards our learner, workplace, organization and ourselves.
Professionalism: A will to perform, to create solutions where commoners discover problems, to create and deliver cutting edge empowerment technologies in a highly competitive and professionally charged environment. To “Attempt the Impossible”, and foster “Paradigm Shifts”.
Team-Work: To facilitate individual performance, but inculcate an attitude of creating and believing in collective success. To motivate team-members to contribute to their maximum.

By Line: Skills Development for Livelihood

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