Impacting life of people touched by Town Schools...... read their testimonials

1. Karan Singh , student of Security says :

“I am surprised to observe the tremendous change in my attitude & personality brought in me by Town School Trainings.”

2. Rameshwar, student of Customer Relation Service says :

“I am grateful to Town Schools for propelling me to such level and solving all my problems.”

3. Mr. Amjad Ali, student of Customer Relation Service says :

“TOWN SCHOOLS has provided me a golden opportunity not only to sustain in the society, but also how to assist to others in this project.”

4. Irshad Ahmed, student of Security says :

“It was a golden opportunity to take admission in Town School and getting employment without paying anything that impacted my life. I learnt how to behave and talk with people, how to live in society what is professional knowledge, today I have come to know when I got job that influenced me a lot”

5. Shazad Ali, student of Hospitality says :

“My parents and Family members are very proud of my achievement, for which I am deeply thankful to TOWN SCHOOLS. This program has really brought out my hidden potential. It has also inspired me to pursue my further study.”

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