Impacting life of people touched by Town Schools...... read their testimonials

6. Lal Singh, student of MST says :

“My parents and Family members are very proud of my achievement, for which I am deeply thankful to TOWN SCHOOLS. This program has really brought out my hidden potential. It has also inspired me to pursue my further study.”

7. Suman Gautam, student of ITeS says :

“My dream, to support my father has come true. Every trainer in Town Schools helped me a lot for achieving my target. Only because of them now I can support my parents and can continue my studies.”

8. Priyanka Devi, student of Hospitality says :

“I am really happy, I have never thought before this that I can do any different work than grazing sheep. Now I am earning money and looking forward to make a bright career.”

9. Goldee Kamal, student of CRS says :

“My life has been totally changed from the day I took admission in Town Schools.I am thankful to all my trainers (Ritesh sir, Saurabh sir, Mayank sir & Devendra sir,)who were always helpful to me.”

10. Gayatri Devi, student of ITeS says :

“Town Schools has played a very important role in my life. Now I have a position in society and in my children are getting proper education and now I feel secure. I am very much grateful to my entire sir (Ritesh sir, Devendra Sir, Mayank Sir, Saurabh sir, Santlal sir).”

11. AmitKumar, student of ITeS says :

“I have given up every of my hope after my accident, I had no desires in my life. But every trainer in Town Schools motivated me a lot and finally I got an opportunity to egg on my career.”

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